Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Attraction Patterns

The term "attraction patterns!" are often used to describe the predictable type of partner that people are strongly romantically and sexually drawn towards. Dysfunctional attraction patterns cause many people to stay in unhappy relationships and to get involved in what seems like an endless sequence of dysfunction or abusive relationships over and over again.

The good news: attraction patterns can be changed! The bad news: change is often a long and difficult process with no quarantees that it will ultimately work. This is because most people who keep making selections areas have key neurocircuits of pleasure and sexual short circuited with fear and pain. The full power of their sexuality can only come alive when afraid of the pain the "we know" will eventually come!" There is hope! Once were are aware that that these attraction patterns were learned, it becomes clear we can understand what happened and change to more positive patterns of attraction. I discuss this in-depth in my book "Getting Love Right" and th ebook "Getting the Love You Want" by Harville Hendrix. If you want to find an ancient but excellent reference find "Sex and Human Loving" by Eric Berne.
--- Terry Gorski ---

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